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Cash Flow

Use the Cash Flow Analyzer to determine your Net Cash Flow and Debt to Income Ratios.

Enter your Total Gross Monthly Income $
Enter your Total Net Monthly Income $
Monthly Installments Payment Balance Owed
Automobile $ $
Automobile $ $
Automobile $ $
Personal Loan (secured) $ $
Personal Loan (unsecured) $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Credit Card $ $
Merchant $ $
Merchant $ $
Total Monthly Installments $ $
Permanent Expenses Payment Balance Owed
House Payment $ $
Rent Payment $
Telephone $
Utilities $
Life Insurance $
Auto Insurance $
Other $ $
Other $ $
Total Permanent Expenses $ $
Miscellaneous Expenses Payment  
Auto fuel $  
Groceries $  
Medical $  
Health Care $  
Child Care $  
Cable TV $  
Other $  
Other $  
Total Miscellaneous $  
Total Expenses $ $

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This calculator is to be used for estimation purposes only.
The financial institution is not responsible for its accuracy and the results are not guaranteed.

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